Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in review - quotes of the year

After a few weeks being involved on the forum I found several enjoyable comments and decided that a quote of the year needed to be established. Additionally, some of my co-workers have made comments both positive and negative that were worthy of publication. So in no particular order, the 2012 Quotes of the Year.....

From the forum: Riding in a LEAF just makes everything else in the same price range seem primitive.

From the forum: First day, "Did anyone tell you your car looks like a suppository?" , the response was "There's a lot of science in that shape so it slips through painlessly."

From the office: (context - EV car puns) "...hard to exhaust that."

From a new EV friend: (context, waiting for his new Leaf) "I haven't been this excited since they came out with Kung Fu grip for the GI Joe!"

From the office: I like buying gas  <shakes head in disbelief>

From the forum: The guy at the parts counter was about as useless as a cat flap on an elephant house.

From the office: (not EV but funny enough to post) It's ok, I already know I'm going to hell. I have my handbasket decorated.

From a local newspaper from an EV owner: (context, driving EV to California)  That's not what it's for just like you can't mow your lawn with a Ford 150 truck.

And finally from the forum:  I think it's a sign of how low-maintenance the LEAF is, that the Wiper Blade thread spends weeks at the top of the new posts

May 2013 bring hope, prosperity, and humor to all and an EV in every house.

Signing off for today
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