Friday, November 9, 2012

Kansas City...Kansas City here I .... go??

The advertised trip to Abilene has arrived. Tomorrow at oh dark thirty...well it will be a little light, we leave for Abilene. "We" because I drafted my youngest son as a co-pilot. Co-pilot defined as the person in the car with the tablet and dvd player for his entertainment. The general itinerary is:

0700 Leave Lenexa and drive to Lawrence using "old K-10" which parallels (mostly) K-10 but instead of 70 mph and arriving with a drained battery we'll be driving 45 mph.
0800 Arrive in Lawrence and charge at the KU Center for Design Research building.
0800-0930 Show my youngest around the KU campus since he may be going to school there in 5 years.
0930 Leave Lawrence via US 40, again using back roads instead of the interstate which takes a little longer but uses less energy.
1030 Arrive in Topeka and charge at one of the Westart Energy offices. I'm planning on using the one by the capitol  building so we can walk around and maybe through the capitol.
1200 Noon leave Topeka and head out to the Little Apple, Manhattan KS via US 24.
1330 Arrive in Manhattan and charge at Briggs Nissan in Manhattan. Thanks to Cole Bachamp who was pleased to provide the plug.
1330-1500+ Lunch for sure. We were planning on watching a movie but the theater only does afternoon and evening shows.
1500-1600 Leave Manhattan for Abilene via old US 40. Still bypassing the high speed interstates for better energy economy. I also checked the three routes, state highway, US highway, and interstate and the elevation changes along US 40 for that stretch are less than the other two options.

1630/1700 Arrive in Abilene. Unfortunately this will be after the Eisenhower Presidential Library closes. If the charging times are less than expected we might be able to make a tour of the library which would be awesome. The Truman Presidential Libary in Independence is great and it would make a neat bookend to follow the 2010 visit to Truman with a 2012 visit to Eisenhower.

Historical note for those who may not know, President Eisenhower was the president to follow President Truman. Interestingly the libraries are separated by less than 200 miles from each other.

After dinner in Abilene we will return to Manhattan for a charge then off to Topeka. I don't know the timing on the rest of the trip so stay tuned to Twitter for updates. It will be very interesting to see how the charge times line up with the expected times and hopefully home before 10pm.

Signing off for today
Try reading a book, it's a novel experience.

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