Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It carries a lot

Sometimes buying a car is as much about what it can hold/carry/haul. Since this is my only car I prefer to drive it everywhere. I don't like it when I have to switch cars with my wife although I think she likes the Silent Running (see future post). So if you're concerned that a hatchback is not large enough to hold your stuff, below is a list of the items I took on our last weekend campout. The round trip drive was 65 miles so I could have done it without recharge but plugging into the parking lot light provided a nice buffer for the ride home @75 mph.

1 Folding tent cot
1  Tent
1 Folding chair
1 Adult
2 Teenagers
2 Medium sized ice chests
3 Sleeping bags
3 Over night bags
4 Sleeping mats (I'm old and need 2)

So it's a tight fit but it does fit. I might add that it's not as tight a fit as it was in the Escort Zx2 that I traded in on the Leaf. On the to-do list is the purchase and installation of a trailer hitch and bike rack to be able to easily take the bikes to ride the trails.

The daily load for the commute:

1 Adult
1 Trumpet
2 Teenagers
2 Art projects
3 Laptop backpacks/school bags

Everything fits just fine into the "trunk" space. Everyone is comfortable and the kids enjoy the heated seats. SUV's are not required for weekend trips or daily commutes but they are nice for the family vacation. Let's see, the trip to Yellowstone in 2009 with a minivan was only $35/day+gas. No need to drive 20 mpg for 1 week events. Just rent for the rare times the electric just doesn't work.

Signing off for today
Try reading a book, it's a novel experience

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