Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's a giant video game

Today I'm going to talk about why my Leaf is just a giant video game. If you stop at the local Dave and Buster's restaurant and walk down the aisles you will see all sorts of video games including driving games that you can climb into, grab the wheel, shift the gears and drive the course. When you do this you're trying to beat the high score, beat your personal high score, drive for the longest time, oh and in general have a good time.

When you climb into the Leaf there is no key to turn. You just press the start button, just like a video game. Then you put it into gear, just like a video game. In the top left of the dash you can see how efficiently you're driving and watch the car build little pine trees indicating how well you're driving. How many trees can you build on a single trip. So far the answer is two. I haven't been able to hit the magic three yet.

Press the zero emission button and the energy usage appears. Can you beat last month's miles/Kwh? Last month was 5.1 and right now I'm at 5.7. Can the trend continue? I hope so but it will probably drop as soon as I get on the highway I'm sure. It sure beats the 3.9 miles/Kwh I had during the first month of ownership.

Can you break the 100 mile mark in a single charge? How far can your make a trip? Check out my trip to Abilene when I get it done and find out how far you can go in a day.

Can you treat an electric as a "normal" car? Just get in and drive? Absolutely but where's the fun in that. The last four months of fiddling with the car have been tons of fun. I've learned a lot about cars and electric vehicles and batteries and met a great bunch of EV enthusiasts.

But it's still a giant video game.

Signing off for today
Try reading a book, it's a novel experience

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