Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today's entry is short.

Happy 2nd Annual National Plug In Day. As advertised on the Nissan Leaf Facebook page, over 100 million gas free miles and 3975.6 of them are mine.

So that's roughly 42.74 miles per day. At an average miles/Kwh of 5.1 in turn gives you roughly $.022/mile energy cost or a total of $.94/day cost in energy to drive.

If I were to use my wife's brand new Prius instead that would be a daily fuel cost of almost <insert current price per gallon>. She gets just under 50 miles/gallon so I'm saving almost 1 gallon of fuel per day. I passed a gas station and a convenience store today and gas here is $3.79 and $3.85/gallon.

For a difference of:  $2.85/day. So for a full year that would be a difference of $1040.25. Interestingly enough, electric cost here is going to drop from 11 cents per Kwh to 10 cents per Kwh soon when we change from summer to non-summer rates. So I won't have to watch the fuel costs because it's really already determined and stable.

Well, at least until I get solar panels but that's a different post.

Again, happy Plug in Day America. I enjoyed mine did you enjoy yours?

Signing off for today
Try reading a book, it's a novel experience.

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